Agrosil LR

Silicate colloid to improve your soil

Download the brochure Agrosil LR
(PDF file, 1.1 MB)


Fully coated compound NPK fertilizer

Download the brochure Basacote
(PDF file, 2.9 MB)


Controlled release fertilizer for plant hole application

Download the brochure Basacote
(PDF file, 3.98 MB)


Iron chelate for root uptake

Download the brochure Basafer
(PDF file, 2.3 MB)


Partly coated turf fertilizer

Download the brochure Basatop
(PDF file, 1.0 MB)

Basfoliar flo

Trace element suspensions

Download the brochure Basfoliar flo
(PDF file, 1.2 MB)

Basfoliar Kelp SL

Liquid seaweed extract

Download the brochure Basfoliar Kelp SL
(PDF file, 2 MB)

Basfoliar SP

Water soluble fertilizer for foliar application

Download the brochure Basfoliar SP
(PDF file, 2.17 MB)

Basfoliar Turf Complete SL

High performance liquid fertilizer for ultimate sports-turf

Download the brochure Basfoliar Turf Complete SL
(PDF-file, 471 KB)


Granular NPK fertilizers

Download the brochure Blaukorn_NovaTec
(PDF file, 2.6 MB)

COMPO Frost Protect

Borated fertilizer in suspension

Dowload the brochure COMPO Frost Protect
(PDF file, 2.2 MB)

COMPO Sun Protect

Borated fertilizer in suspension

Download the brochure COMPO Sun Protect
(PDF file, 2.3 MB)


Partly coated fertilizer

Download the brochure DuraTec
(PDF file, 3.5 MB)

Easygreen mini

Specialty mineral turf fertilizers

Download the brochure Easygreen mini
(PDF file, 2.9 MB)

Easy Start

Micro-granular fertilizer for starter applications

Download the brochure Easy Start
(PDF file, 3.3 MB)

Ferro Top/ Kali Gazon

Specialist mineral turf fertilizers

Download the brochure Ferro Top/ Kali Gazon 
(PDF file, 1.1 MB)

Fetrilon Combi

Foliar micronutients for all crops

Download the brochure Fetrilon Combi
(PDF file, 1 MB)

Floranid Twin

With Double N Technology - Efficient and sustainable nutrient supply

Download the brochure Floranid Twin
(PDF file, 4.4 MB)

Hakaphos/ Basaplant

Water soluble fertilizers for fertigation 

Download the brochure Hakaphos/ Basaplant
(PDF file, 1.5 MB)

NovaTec Solub

Ammonium stabilised water soluble fertilizer

Download the brochure NovaTec Solub
(PDF file, 2.9 MB)

Nutrimix/ Nutribor

Foliar micronutrients for broad acre crops 

Download the brochure Nutrimix_Nutribor
(PDF file, 1.4 MB)


Liquid fertilizers for sports turf vitality

Download the brochure Vitanica
(PDF file, 1.9 MB)