• Delivered as loose goods in big bags or on pallets with bags and canisters.
  • Loose goods must be protected from moisture during transport.
  • Protect goods from excessive direct sunlight and large temperature fluctuations during transport.
  • Only transport fertilizer at moderate temperatures. Use an air-conditioned lorry if necessary.
  • Take note of any hazardous material labels on the product.
  • Follow the specific instructions for each product where applicable (see table below).



  • Protect stored fertilizer from frost, light, and moisture.
  • Store loose goods inside a building and not in outdoor areas. Keep doors closed and cover heaped materials.
  • As the product has a tendency to attract moisture, protect it from rain and standing water.
  • Follow the specific instructions for each product (see table below).
  • Take note of the hazardous material labels on the product where appropriate.


Storage temperature:

  • Avoid frost and excessively high temperatures.
  • Avoid large temperature fluctuations during storage.


Storage period:

  • When stored correctly, fertilizer (excluding liquid fertilizer) can be stored in their sealed original packaging for up to three years after delivery.
  • Products should be used up as quickly as possible once opened.


For further information please check the product’s packaging or contact: • • Phone: +49 251 297981 000