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Basic Information

Sugarcane is one of the most important crops that provides most of the sugar consumed worldwide. This crop is mainly a source of food, forage and bioenergy. Sugarcane exhibits an outstanding capacity for biomass and sucrose production. The fertilization of sugarcane is one of the most important aspects to increase the yield. The crop cycle can be managed with the NovaTec® range to supply the nutrional requirements of the crop.

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Crop Stage Program
Important instructions for use: If several products are mixed while using our product, unforeseen reciprocal effects may occur. It is not possible to foresee all conditions that can occur in practice (e.g. temperature, kind of water, crop protection agents). Therefore, it is highly recommended to test the compatibility and the application of the intended products on a small scale first. We disclaim any responsibilities for damages which may ensue from interactions based on mixtures – especially – with other products, crop protection agents, plant protection products or fertilizers and/or from unusual conditions (temperature, kind of water, etc.). In case of doubt and for information on application data please get in touch with your local supplier, visit our website: or get in touch by e-mail:

Detailed Description

Nitrogen and potassium are the most important nutrients that the sugarcane crop demands, as they largely determine the yield and mainly influence the concentration of saccharides. The relatively low N-Efficiency is well recognized as a challenge to the growers, hence it is normally recommended to spread the Nitrogen supply over several applications to avoid the loss of this element either by volatilization and/or leaching. Granular fertilizers and soluble salts in fertigation are the most used fertilization systems. Nitrification inhibitor technology with NovaTec® and NovaTec® Solub products, complemented with Basafer®, Fetrilon® and Basfoliar® products are an excellent option for these fertilization systems.

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