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Basic Information

Turf is a versatile crop and due to the type and intensity of use requires a complex maintenance program.
As one of the leading turf fertiliser manufacturers, COMPO EXPERT offers an extensive portfolio of special fertilisers, biostimulants, soil enhancers and seeds for professional sports turf maintenance, public green areas and landscapes.

Detailed Description

COMPO EXPERT can provide fertiliser products to meet the need of any Turf Professional from our extensive product portfolio, these include, specialist slow-release, controlled release fertilisers, mineral fertilisers, organic fertilisers, liquid fertilisers and biostimulants.

The slow-release fertiliser range of Floranid® Twin, contains a unique combination of the two different nitrogen sources, ISODOR® and CROTODUR®, and guarantees highest efficiency, homogeneous nutrient distribution and continuous turf growth over a long period without initiating undesirable lush growth. Efficient water management is a big challenge for the future. The COMPO EXPERT wetting agent product range Kick® enables the greenkeeper to cope with this challenge and follow sustainable turf maintenance programs.

Continuous training and the exchange with experts make greenkeeping successful. COMPO EXPERT greenkeeper training has provided a very good platform over 35 years. In addition, COMPO EXPERT supports the following organisations:-

British and International Golf Greenkeeper Association BIGGA

Grounds Manager Association GMA

International Turf Grass Society ITS

European Turf Grass Society ETS

The company also conducts trials with the STRI in the UK and Landlab in Italy along with working with many Universities throughout Europe.

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