Basafilm® Twin

Extra long-term effect - high nitrogen efficiency with Twin technology


NPK fertiliser with a combination of slow-release nitrogen sources ISODUR® and CROTODUR®and coating technology for an extra long-term effect.
Basafilm®Twin contains in addition to high quality long-term N forms ISODUR® also 40% coated granules, so that total slow-release content is 70%. This unique combination is named as PFI technology (PFI = Poligen Filmed [coated] ISODUR®).
The nutrients are released in two steps:
1) Starter effect after application under moisture influence. As a result, the relatively high immediate demand is met.
2) In a second step, the coated granules release the nutrients via diffusion influenced by moisture and temperature.
Basafilm®Twin is a turf fertiliser with a longevity (supply of nitrogen) of 6 months. That reduces the number of fertilizer applications and the mowing turns. The nutrient efficiency is extremely high, as losses due to leaching and volatilisation are minimized.


  • Combination of unique and innovative Twin technology with coating technology
  • Long-term nutrient supply for more than 3 months
  • High nitrogen efficiency with Twin technology
  • Good, sustainable grass growth
  • Less work in fertilizing and mowing
  • Optimal color aspect
  • High density
  • Low felt build-up due to high biological activity
  • Distinct root growth
  • Stress-resistant
  • High vitality

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