Granular & Stabilized Granular Fertilizers

Granular perfection - premium quality granular complex compound fertilizers


COMPO EXPERT offers special mineral fertilizers with optimum product properties that meet the needs of the market. The fertilizers contain a high proportion of immediately available phosphate. They also contain a particularly high proportion of magnesium and trace nutrients. The fine granulation enables better distribution. After application, the granules decompose quickly and thus have a rapid effect. All granules show the same nutrient composition in each grain.

Key Benefits

  • Premium quality granular complex compound fertilizers
  • All granules containing major and trace elements
  • Fast acting nitrogen source with both ammonium and nitrate N
  • Highly available source of phosphate (> 80 % water soluble)
  • Low in dust and high in granule strength for best spreading properties
  • German quality packaging
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