Product Groups

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  • product-group-granular-fertilizers
    Granular & Stabilized Granular Fertilizers
    Granular perfection - premium quality granular complex compound fertilizers
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  • product-group-slow-release-fertilizers
    Slow-Release Fertilizers
    Long term nutrient supply
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  • Product group Microgranular Fertilizers
    Microgranular Fertilizers
    Fine grades for special applications
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  • product-group-controlled-release-fertilizers
    Controlled-Release Fertilizers
    COMPO EXPERT´s innovative coating technology
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  • product-group-partly-coated-fertilizers
    Partly Coated Fertilizers
    Immediate and long-term effect combined for mordern crop management
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  • product-group-water-soluble-fertilizers
    Water Soluble & Stabilized Water Soluble Fertilizers
    All in one - a modern range for all requirements, suitable for all water qualities and fertilizing concepts
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  • Biostimulants
    Boosting technology leads to stronger, healthier plants and thus to higher yields and increased crop quality
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  • Liquid Fertilizers
    Liquid & Stabilized Liquid Fertilizers
    More than a solution - special formulations for various areas of application
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  • Soil Conditioner & Wetting Agents en
    Soil Conditioner & Wetting Agents
    Improve your soil - soil conditioner improve soil quality; wetting agents for a better water infiltration
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  • product-group-micronutrient-fertilizers-com_v2
    Micronutrient Fertilizers
    Always a trace ahead - high concentrated chelated trace element fertilizers
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