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Nursery & Ornamentals

A broad range of high quality and innovative special fertilzers for the optimal supply of your crops

Basic Information

Beautiful gardens, functional indoor greenings or impressive decorations with well-kept vigorous plants are a sign of prosperity and culture in private and public gardening and in garden arts. A huge selection of different plant species and varieties as well as the large number of different cropping systems require special knowledge and unique products to successfully cultivate these plants.

Detailed Description

Ornamentals and nursery plants in small pots or huge containers, balcony boxes or baskets are usually grown in substrates and therefore need special fertilizers. To ensure a good nutrient supply over months, slow release and controlled release fertilizers can be applied. Also fertigation could be used in these kinds of cropping systems. Big trees and small shrubs cultivated in an open field that are prepared to be planted in public green and private gardens are best served with granular NPK. Decorative cut flowers can be cultivated in open soil or substrates. The fertilizers have to be chosen according to the system used, to achieve the best results. To avoid micronutrient deficiency COMPO EXPERT provides a complete micronutrient solution with Fetrilon® Combi.

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