Compliance Guideline

Compliance means acting and making decisions in accordance with all relevant laws, regulations, and internal guidelines

We want compliance as a duty and responsibility of each employee to be a key element of our corporate ethos. Our commitment to compliance is in line with our conviction that sustainable business can only be achieved within the framework of generally accepted and observed rules:

Compliance violations could also expose the company to incalculable risks. These risks could threaten parts of the company or even the entire company and the jobs it provides. These risks are not always apparent to the person involved at the moment the compliance violation occurs.

To prevent compliance violations and the resulting risks, COMPO EXPERT is launching a long-term, sustainable compliance initiative.

For this purpose, we have:

  • Published a code of conduct
  • Developed a compliance programme, that is to say, a set of measures consisting of information and training
  • Createed a compliance organisation

The aim of the compliance initiative and the compliance organisation is not to introduce new rules and guidelines, but to ensure that existing public laws, as well as internal rules and regulations, are observed. This is intended to reduce risk and prevent threats to the company and the jobs associated with it.

If new rules and guidelines become necessary, they will be developed by the relevant specialist departments and agreed upon by the appropriate bodies as previously. Today, we would like to clarify our position with regard to certain individual issues that we believe to be very significant. It is important to us that we explain the purpose and direction of the compliance initiative to you at this early stage.

We are confident that you will share our view and our understanding of the key points.

Whistleblower System

Our COMPO EXPERT GmbH Compliance Whistleblower System offers all employees and business partners a protected communication channel for queries and notifications concerning compliance issues.

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