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Smartphone App: Crop Companion

Our useful digital companion with the full COMPO EXPERT know-how supports you with the successful growth of your target crops.

Your smart companion on the go

We help your crops grow – in a smart way, with our COMPO EXPERT Crop Companion app. Developed for the needs of professional users, with the focus on fruits, vegetables, field crops, turf & public green, nursery & ornamentals. The smartphone app includes fertilizer recommendation plans, for different growth stages, expert knowledge in the form of videos and documents and the option to get in touch with one of our experts. Your digital home for safe and sustainable growth.

All app features at a glance

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Configure the app for your crops

Choose from a wide range of crops and get only the information you really need.

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Find the right COMPO EXPERT product

Through our product finder and bookmark feature, you will find the ideal product in a blink of an eye.

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Get recommendations for the current growth stages of your crops

The app suggests the right products at the right time for your crop.

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Advice and assistance through direct contact with an expert

Our responsible Crop Manager will provide you with advice and support.

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New App Feature Crop Health

Provides useful information on plant diseases and deficiency symptoms - including tips and explanations on how these can be treated or prevented.

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Gather additional knowledge

With our video content, downloadable guides and the latest news & trends, we impart additional information about your crops.


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