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Basic Information

The correct supply of nutrients in high-value crops is essential to satisfy the requirements demanded by the market, such as taste, flavor and post-harvest life.

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Detailed Description

The potential yield of banana cultivation depends largely on the water availability and the plantation density, which in turn require an adequate and efficient balance of nutrients, adapted to the production conditions. Potassium, calcium and magnesium are indispensable elements to obtain fruits of good quality. However, microelements such as zinc and manganese are also of utmost importance, to ensure the correct metabolism and reach the production potential of the crop. With these requirements of the crop, we have alternatives to supply potassium, for example NovaTec® Premium to apply to the soil, and HydroSpeed® to complement the calcium needs. Another important recommendation for the banana crop is the application of Vitanica® RZ for the protection against fungal diseases, such as Sigatoka Negra.