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Efficient and sustainable nutrient supply

Basic Information

Public turf areas are very important for the life quality in cities and municipalities. They can improve the microclimate in the urban environment and generate social and cultural activities. The functionality of these areas is based on adequate maintenance and fertilization programs.

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Detailed Description

Public turf areas are used for recreation, leisure as well as sport. The nutrient demand and the intensity of fertilization correlate to the type of use. For the segment Public turf COMPO EXPERT offers slow- and controlled release fertilizers as well as mineral and organic fertilizers. Nutrients should last over a long period due to fewer applications in this segment. Suitable fertilizer programs can be created with products from the Floranid® Twin line (e.g. Floranid® Twin Permanent) and the Basatop® line (e.g. Basatop® Sport, Bastop® NK) in combination with special mineral fertilizers. More and more municipalities are following green concepts with a focus on organic fertilization. COMPO EXPERT offers various organic and organic-mineral fertilizers. The Terra Plus® Natura products are 100 % organic and fulfill the requirements of organic farming certifications.

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