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COMPO EXPERT sets out its new strategy

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Mid-October 2021, COMPO EXPERT conducted its Strategy Summit to substantiate its company vision until 2025. In total, 32 employees from 17 different nationalities attended the meeting. The summit was held climate-neutral. Out of the 32 employees, 18 participated online.

By 2025, we agreed to become the most performant specialty fertilizer company globally in terms of growth, whilst supporting sustainability. We want to achieve this by offering a full range of specialized products and operational excellence, supported by digital transformation. We will continue to generate added value for our customers by advising them with our deep understanding of local end-user requirements. To execute the strategy, our value creation plan was enriched and now contains over 50 initiatives globally. Focal areas are geographical footprint expansion, biostimulants, organic farming, digital transformation, supply chain excellence, and sustainability. Providing solutions to these topics will allow us and our customers to continue our successful trajectory.

With the new strategy in place, and a clear roadmap, supported by initiatives, we are fully energized to meet the challenges ahead of us.

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