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Geographical footprint expansion in Latin America

CEO Blog 9_2022

Latin America is the powerhouse of growth for COMPO EXPERT. This new subsidiary will enable us to entrench deeper into this fast-growing market to fully harvest its potential.
Following our strategy for geographical footprint expansion, an evaluation of possible candidates for setting up a new entity was conducted. Market potential, as well as political and economic risks, were considered, but most important was the availability of focus crops. With its large-scale cultivation areas such as table grapes, avocados, and blueberries Peru was the most promising one.
The headquarter of COMPO EXPERT Peru S.R.L. is in Lima with a warehouse in close proximity to Callao port. This setup will improve product availability and will make our business more flexible. We will strengthen our direct presence in this market to generate added value for our customers by advising them with a deep understanding of local end-user requirements. Special attention will be given to supervising agronomical trials conducted by our technical advisors.
This entity is an indispensable add-on to the COMPO EXPERT family and will contribute to fulfilling our overall long-term growth strategy.

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