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Reduce, reuse, recycle – COMPO EXPERT preserves given natural resources

Blog-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The R3-approach is a further component of our sustainability strategy. In this sense, COMPO EXPERT is working on using locally produced phosphoric acid with phosphorous recycled from sewage sludge. By this means, we are making a multi-faceted environmental contribution to protect global resources.

The phosphoric share in sewage water and soil has increased over the past decades, resulting in too high acidification. To avoid further concentration, COMPO EXPERT participates as an associated partner in multiple projects, for example AMPHORE. This is a regional wastewater-treatment system aiming to recycle phosphorus out of the sludge in the Ruhr area, nearby our production site in Krefeld, Germany. Using this phosphoric recyclate in our fertilizer production makes COMPO EXPERT a proud pioneer within this field. Applying this technique will reduce overexploitation from mining and will support the resilience of our supply chain, whilst reducing our carbon footprint. We are currently analyzing further opportunities to use similar methods with other raw materials.

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