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Use of sustainable raw materials in COMPO EXPERT fertilizer production

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COMPO EXPERT is working intensively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In a holistic approach, we do not only consider our production, but also our raw materials as well as the transport and application of our products.

In the long term we are striving to purchase ever more sustainable raw materials of the specified quality. We are starting with ammonia, our most important raw material, which has the largest CO2 footprint due to its energy-intensive production.

From the second quarter of 2024 we will be purchasing 25% of our ammonia demand in a low-carbon variety, which will significantly reduce the footprint of our products.

This measure is expected to avoid about 15,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

In addition we will launch further initiatives to make our business more sustainable.
You can find information on our current projects on this topic here:

Sustainability | COMPO EXPERT (

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