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Two companies who strive for the same goal: being a frontrunner in the carbon footprint reduction

Low-carbon ammonia

Beginning of April, OCI Global and COMPO EXPERT announced the long-term low-carbon ammonia supply for the production of NPK fertilizers. This switch to low-carbon ammonia is testament to both partners’ commitment to sustainability and the decarbonization of their products.

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, high-ranking representatives of the two cooperating companies met at the COMPO EXPERT production site in Krefeld. This meeting marked the official start of fertilizer production with low-carbon ammonia. After the inauguration ceremony, there was
a fruitful exchange about further activities in the field of sustainability. Both companies have clearly set themselves the goal of reducing greenhouse gases in their business endeavors and have made a clear commitment to continue working together in this field.

The use of low-carbon ammonia in the NPK fertilizer production at COMPO EXPERT´s site in Krefeld is already in full swing. In the long term the company is striving to purchase even more sustainable raw materials in the fertilizer production.

Learn more about the company's sustainability initiatives: Sustainability | COMPO EXPERT (

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