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COMPO EXPERT Appoints Agrovista Amenity as National Distributor

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COMPO EXPERT Appoints Agrovista Amenity as National Distributor

January, 2021

German fertiliser manufacturer COMPO EXPERT has announced the appointment of leading supplier to the UK’s amenity industry Agrovista Amenity as the ‘exclusive national distributor’ of its turf products in the UK.

As part of this partnership, Agrovista Amenity will be involved in all COMPO EXPERT turf product research and development - working closely with COMPO EXPERT’s Global Head of Turf - Dr Fritz Lord and Dr Mauricio Hunsche the Head of Research and Development. Head of Regulatory Affairs Dr Thomas Leppin will work with Agrovista Amenity on regulatory issues and Chief Marketing Officer Dr Ingo Mueller will contribute to joint marketing initiatives.

COMPO EXPERT will supply its full portfolio of turf and landscape products, through Agrovista Amenity’s distribution channels, containing controlled-release fertiliser, slow-release fertiliser and nitrification inhibitor technology. The wide range of granulometry will also be available to turf and landscape clients.

Commenting on the partnership, COMPO EXPERT Managing Director Gerald Bonner says: COMPO EXPERT is delighted to be the preferred partner for the manufacture and supply of turf and landscape fertilisers to Agrovista Amenity. Our unique and innovative controlled and slow-release chemistry will provide the most environmentally-friendly fertilisers to turf and landscape clients.

“Agrovista Amenity is the perfect turf agronomy partner for a chemistry and agronomy-led company like COMPO EXPERT. We are delighted with the agronomy-led approach from Agrovista Amenity and we believe that this partnership will expand our leading European turf and landscape footprint in the UK.”

John Marland, Head of Amenity, Agrovista UK Ltd says: “We are delighted to announce our association with COMPO EXPERT, a manufacturer that brings a wealth of technical knowledge and superior quality. COMPO EXPERT supplies the highest-quality nutrition used at some of leading venues across Europe and the world. We feel this partnership further signals Agrovista Amenity’s commitment to bring choice and technical excellence to the UK amenity market.”

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COMPO EXPERT GmbH with headquarters in Münster/Westphalia is an international company with 21 sales offices in Europe, North and South America as well as in Asia and South Africa.
The company currently has around 700 employees worldwide.

The company produces high-quality specialty fertilisers and biostimulants in its two own fertiliser plants in Krefeld (Germany) and La Vall d 'Uixó (Spain), thus offering professional users safe solutions for the areas of fruits, vegetables, field crops, turf and public green as well as nursery and ornamentals. Our innovative product range includes specialty mineral and stabilized fertilisers, slow and controlled release fertilisers, water soluble and liquid fertilisers as well as biostimulants, trace elements and soil conditioners. With this product range, COMPO EXPERT holds a leading market position.

COMPO EXPERT is a subsidiary of Grupa Azoty S.A., with almost 15,000 employees; it is the largest chemical company in Poland and the second largest producer of nitrogen and complex fertilizers in the European Union.

For more information please email: or telephone 0333 072 1904

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