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Global market for water soluble fertilizers on the rise


Global market for water soluble fertilizers on the rise

COMPO EXPERT as a market leader offers a comprehensive program with effective products for all water qualities and fertilizing concepts

Münster, April 2020

The market for water soluble fertilizers is expected to grow with a CAGR of 6,3 % from 2019 until 2026 reaching USD 23 billion. Thus, becoming increasingly important. A most recent report from Fortune Business Insights (TM), titled “Water Soluble Fertilizers Market: Size, Share & Industry Analysis” has confirmed this and has named COMPO EXPERT as a leader in this business sector.

COMPO EXPERT has acknowledged early, that assuring food security is one of the greatest challenges faced by the world. The production of sufficient food will require application of high performing agricultural technologies such as water soluble fertilizers. These fertilizers have proven to raise productivity and are therefore expected to experience surging demand. Consequently widespread use of water soluble fertilizers will be one of the top market trends in the forthcoming decade.

As a leader, COMPO EXPERT offers a complete range of high performing water soluble fertilizers. This is due to a specific processing technique as well as the use of the highest quality raw materials. Growing in this business segment is one of the strategic pillars of the company as it has been operating successfully in this worldwide market for decades.

CMO Dr. Ingo Müller states: “Water soluble fertilizers play an important role in our portfolio. Our high quality lines like Hakaphos®, NovaTec® Solub and Basfoliar® are successfully used in foliar or fertigation application systems for crops worldwide”.

"COMPO EXPERT is currently experiencing strong growth in this essential area, especially in Asia and South America. Our profitable growth in this segment results from pursuing our strategy to become the leader in this important area of plant nutrition. We are thus making an important contribution to the food chain," says CEO Thomas H. Ahrens.

Water soluble fertilizers from COMPO EXPERT are suitable for all soil and irrigation environments. The formulations are used for fertilizing fruit, vegetable and ornamental nursery crops, throughout the world.

The benefits of COMPO EXPERT water soluble fertilizers:

  • Fast and complete water solubility
  • Fertigation and foliar application
  • Balanced nutrient combination
  • Allows fast reaction to nutrient deficiencies


COMPO EXPERT GmbH with headquarters in Münster/Westphalia is an international company with 21 sales offices in Europe, North and South America as well as in Asia and South Africa. The company currently has around 700 employees worldwide.

The company produces high-quality specialty fertilizers and biostimulants in its two own fertilizer plants in Krefeld (Germany) and La Vall d 'Uixó (Spain), thus offering professional users safe solutions for the areas of fruits, vegetables, field crops, turf and public green as well as nursery and ornamentals. Our innovative product range includes specialty mineral and stabilized fertilizers, slow and controlled release fertilizers, water soluble and liquid fertilizers as well as biostimulants, trace elements and soil conditioners. With this product range, COMPO EXPERT holds a leading market position.

COMPO EXPERT is a subsidiary of Grupa Azoty S.A., with almost 15,000 employees; it is the largest chemical company in Poland and the second largest producer of nitrogen and complex fertilizers in the European Union.

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