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Successful start of BioAg World Congress 2023 with COMPO EXPERT

COMPO EXPERT presentation BioAg 2023 Brazil

Efficient plant nutrition with innovative fertilizers and biostimulants is becoming more and more important. COMPO EXPERT is very active in this field and for this reason a strategic sponsor of the BioAg World Congress 2023.

The congress takes place from 02 to 05 May 2023 in Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the largest BioAg events. More than 200 companies from approximately 40 countries from the Agriculture and specifically BioAg industry are participating in #BAW2023 including leading companies such as COMPO EXPERT. Roberto Rodrigues, former Minister of Agriculture, Brazil inaugurated the 4th BioAg World Congress in Rio de Janeiro.

The holistic agenda of BioAg World Congress 2023 covers all four main BioAg segments - biopesticides, biostimulants, biofertilizers and bionutrients - divided into ten specific sessions in which a multitude of experts and leaders will contribute their knowledge and experience. Sessions will take an in-depth look at exciting developments in the sector, the role of the food chain in influencing the adoption of biosolutions, soil health and water management, regulatory challenges and opportunities, bringing new solutions to market, the value of science-backed innovation, developing and managing BioAg investment, and insights into growth areas such as precision agriculture and/or nanotechnology.

COMPO EXPERT takes part in the sessions with own speeches from proven experts and well-known representatives of the company.
The congress is being conducted in person as well as virtually. All the sessions will stream live on a digital platform. The virtual participants also have access to virtual expo booths and may network with the company representatives and other participants virtually. It’s one of its kind hybrid event adapted to the needs and trends of the industry providing as close to in-person experience virtually.

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