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TerraPlus® CityGreen: New pure plant based fertilizer

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TerraPlus® CityGreen: New pur vegetable-based organic granular fertilizer NPK 6-2-5 for the ecological maintenance of green spaces

100% organic, natural origin

Münster, March 2021

The new organic complex fertilizer from COMPO EXPERT is a pure vegan organic granular fertilizer suitable for organic farming and has been specially developed for the sustainable, biological nutrient supply of urban green spaces and versatile use in landscaping.

The EU certification of the ingredients used for controlled ecological agriculture and horticulture makes TerraPlus® CityGreen the ideal fertilizer for modern sustainable green space concepts. Equipped with all the main nutrients and the useful microorganism Bacillus subtilis, selektion E4-CDX®, TerraPlus® CityGreen is an organic universal fertilizer and soil conditioner with a wide range of applications in the core segments of turf/green areas, groves/trees, but also vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants.

TerraPlus® CityGreen contains only substances that are classified in accordance with Annex I of EU Regulation (EC) 889/2008 in the controlled organic agriculture and horticulture are applicable.

TerraPlus® CityGreen is certified for biological maintenance concepts:

  • Versatile fertilizer for municipalties and landscape
  • Approved and certified for biological fertilization
  • High nutrient efficiency due to Bacillus subtilis, selection E4-CDX®
  • Promotes root developement
  • Improves biological soil activity
  • Enhances plant strengh and vitality

The high nitrogen content is ideal for spring application and/or plants/soils with a defficiency in nitrogen. Thanks to its granulometry it is more sensitive to humidity than a pellet which allows a faster start of fertilizer release.

The products of the TerraPlus® CityGreen range release nitrogen gradually thanks to the union of nitrogen with organic matter. The product is certified for organic farming according to EC 889/2008.


COMPO EXPERT GmbH with headquarters in Münster/Westphalia is an international company with 21 sales offices in Europe, North and South America as well as in Asia and Africa.

The company produces high-quality specialty fertilizers and biostimulants in its two own fertilizer plants in Krefeld (Germany) and La Vall d 'Uixó (Spain), thus offering professional users safe solutions for the areas of fruits, vegetables, field crops, turf and public green as well as nursery and ornamentals.

Our innovative product range includes specialty mineral and stabilized fertilizers, slow and controlled release fertilizers, water soluble and liquid fertilizers as well as biostimulants, trace elements and soil conditioners. With this product range, COMPO EXPERT holds a leading market position.

The company currently has around 700 employees worldwide.

COMPO EXPERT is a subsidiary of Grupa Azoty S.A., with almost 15,000 employees; it is the largest chemical company in Poland and the second largest producer of nitrogen and compound fertilizers in the European Union.

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