NovaTec Solub 20-19-19

NovaTec® Solub 20-19-19

Water soluble NPK compound fertilizer with magnesium and sulfur. Balanced nutrient ratio, 2 % nitric nitrogen, 18 % urea.
  • Highly efficient combination of macro- and microelements
  • Fully chelated trace elements
  • Fast and completely water soluble
  • Compatible with common pesticides
  • With DMPP nitrification inhibitor


NovaTec® Solub 20-19-19 is a water soluble NPK compound fertilizer with magnesium and sulfur. Balanced nutrient ratio, 2 % nitric nitrogen, 18 % urea.
It is a fertilizer with DMPP nitrification inhibitor (NET technology) that ensures greater nitrogen use efficiency as well as agronomic advantages: higher productivity, solubilization of microelements and lateral branching of roots.
Recommended formula for vegetative growth phase and stimulation in crops in fruit trees, vegetables, banana trees, citrus etc.
The extra contribution of microelements allows, in addition, an optimal nutritional state, reaching the maximum productive potential.
This fertilizer contains all stated plant nutrients for a customized fertilization of agricultural and horticultural crops. Its excellent solubility prevents clogging of drip emitters or nozzles. As, however, certain types of water may lead to precipitation even without the addition of fertilizer, special care is required where such waters are used.

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NPK fertilizer N-P2O5-K2O(+Mg+SO3) 20-19-19 with nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethyl-1H-pyrazole phosphate (DMPP), with boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.
For use in horticulture.
Poor in chloride.

20,0 %


total nitrogen
2,0 % nitrate nitrogen
18,0 % urea nitrogen

19,0 %


neutral ammon citrate and water soluble phosphate
19,0 % water soluble phosphate

19,0 %


water soluble potassium oxide

2,5 %


water soluble magnesium oxide

2,0 %


water soluble sulfur

0,01 %



0,02 %



0,05 %



0,05 %



0,001 %



0,02 %



The product also contains: 0,8 % nitrification inhibitor (3,4-DMPP) related to total ammonium and ureic nitrogen.

More information on the national declaration can be found on the respective country sub-websites.

Application Recommendations

For detailed information on application data please get in touch with your local supplier.

Form of Delivery

  • 25 kg bag

Transport & Storage Recommendations


  • Delivery as loose goods in big bags or on pallets with bags and canisters.
  • Protect loose goods from moisture during transport.
  • Protect goods from excessive direct sunlight and large temperature fluctuations during transport.
  • Only transport fertilizer at moderate temperatures. Use an air-conditioned lorry if necessary.
  • Take note of any hazardous material labels on the product.


Storage general

  • Protect stored fertilizer from frost, light, and moisture.
  • Store loose goods inside a building and not in outdoor areas. Keep doors closed and cover heaped materials.
  • As the product has a tendency to attract moisture, protect it from rain and standing water.
  • Take note of the hazardous material labels on the product where appropriate.
  • Do not stack more than two pallets on top of each other. Only store in the original packaging. Products should be used up as quickly as possible once opened.

Storage temperature

  • Avoid frost and excessively high temperatures.
  • Avoid large temperature fluctuations during storage.

Storage period

  • When stored correctly, fertilizer (excluding liquid fertilizer) can be stored in its sealed original packaging for up to three years after delivery.
  • Products should be used up as quickly as possible once opened.
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