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Floranid® N31 31-0-0

N fertilizer with ISODUR® slow-release nitrogen.
Thanks to its fine granulation (90% within 0,7 – 2,8mm) Floranid® N31 can be applied evenly with spreaders or by hand. Floranid® N31 is a straight N slow release fertilizer. ISODUR®-N (IBDU) is the key component of Floranid® N31 with a share of approx. 90 % of the N-fraction. The high ISODUR® content in combination with the immediately plant-available N ensures a well-dosified starter effect and an even slow release effect over several months (2 – 4 depending on the weather conditions). ISODUR® is fully transformed to plant available N during one vegetation period. Through the continuous N-supply possible N-losses are reduced to a minimum. Floranid® N31 is therefore especially suited for areas where leaching into deeper horizons shall be avoided. Floranid® N31 does not supply any salt-active materials and consequently does not result in burning even with relatively high quantities.

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Triabon® 16-8-12(+4+TE)

Granulated NPK complex fertilizer with CROTODUR® slow-release nitrogen with magnesium and sulphur and complete set of trace elements.
With CROTODUR®, Triabon® contains a slowly flowing source of nitrogen that is effective at every pH. It thus constitutes the ideal fertilizer for potted plants and horticultural substrates. The nutrient ratio meets the requirements of ornamentals and other potted plants.

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Rasen Floranid® mit Unkrautvernichter 15-5-8(+3+TE)

Fine granulated NPK complex fertilizer with Methylene-Urea slow-release nitrogen, magnesium and trace elements. For weed control and fertilization of sports fields and ornamental green.
This product ensures an adequate nutrient supply for turf grass not only with nitrogen but also with phosphate, potassium, magnesium and micronutrients. Its long-term release of nitrogen at a uniform rate allows to reduce the number of fertilizer applications and guarantees even growth without unwanted peaks. The combination of macro- and micronutrients with herbicide ensures a turf which is free from weeds, but thick and durable. The active ingredients 2,4 D and Dicamba do by virtue of their selective action not influence the turf when applied as recommended.

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