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Promotes vital root growth and increases the wear resistance of turf for maximum playability and durability

Basic Information

According to the intensity of wear, football pitches need a consequent mechanical treatment and an adequate amount of nutrients to guarantee optimal functionality.
Wear tolerance, regeneration growth and sward density are the main goals of a proper fertilization program. Slow-release fertilizers, with a high efficiency and a long lasting effect, in combination with liquid fertilizers are the elements of a modern fertilization concept. To cope with different biotic and abiotic stress factors, turf vitality and health is also of great importance.
Therefore, biostimulants and wetting agents are vital complementary components.

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Detailed Description

Because of the intensive use, sports turf requires regeneration growth and a good wear resistance. Therefore, an optimal nutrient supply is important. To guarantee continuous growth adapted to the turf needs, Floranid®Twin slow-release fertilizers with trace elements and a fine granulation (0,7-2,8 mm) are particularly suitable. Every single granule of the Floranid®Twin fertilizers contains the same concentration of nutrients. These complex granules ensure a homogeneous nutrient distribution and visual aspect. The unique combination of ISODUR® and CROTODUR® nitrogen ensures high efficiency and safety with positive impacts on photosynthesis, root development and microbial soil activity. The Floranid®Twin fertilizers are available in different nutrient formulas and also work under adverse weather conditions during early spring or late autumn applications. Liquid fertilizers and biostimulants from the Vitanica® and Basfoliar® product line complete the granules and enable the groundsman to create a differentiated fertilization concept also for the special requirements of hybrid turf systems with artificial lights.

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