The partly coated turf fertilizer


The Basatop® range for turf application includes different formulas, granule sizes and coating grades (controlled-release part) to meet all requirements for modern turf maintenance. The innovative concept combines advantages of coated controlled-release fertilizers as well as benefits of classic non-coated NPK fertilizers. The result: an immediate and long-term effect of fertilization for superior turf management.


  • Immediate and long-term effect combined
  • Reliable, immediate and long-term effect for 3 months
  • Fine and even granules easy to apply
  • Different granule sizes (standard grade and mini grade) available
  • Coloration of coated part adapted to turf applications
  • No thatch build-up as known from the application of sulfur-coated urea
  • Superior spreading characteristics, no dust
  • Less risk of burning or leaching
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