Unique double N technology with immediate and long-term effect


DuraTec® is a combination of a controlled-release fertilizer with nitrification inhibitor DMPP (3,4-dimethylpyrazolphosphate). It is SOP-based and excellent for application in vegtables, fruits, nursery, landscape and intensive horticultural cropping systems. Thanks to DuraTec® innovative controlled-release technology, it has positive influences of enviromental benefits, e.g., lower emission of greenhouse gases and huge reduction of nitrogen leaching losses. On the other hand, the unique double N technology (nitrification inhibitor + coating) increases the nutrient efficacy which leads to higher yields.


  • Unique double N technology
  • Immediate and long-term effect
  • Delays the nitrification of ammonium (NH4+) to nitrate (NO3)
  • Leads to a more efficient NH4+-based N nutrition
  • Environmental friendly: Lower emission of greenhouse gases and reduction of nitrogen leaching
  • Energy savings by ammonium N nutrition

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