The well-known brand Blaukorn® - demand-oriented granular fertilizers with optimum product properties


Blaukorn® fertilizers are available as different NPK formulas with ideal proportions of nutrients depending on crop type an growing stage. The products are low in chloride and highly compatible with plants with an ideal relationship between ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen, with magnesium being exclusively derived from sulfate and phosphorus mainly from phosphoric acid. Also included in the product are the main trace elements such as iron, boron and zinc in plant-assimilable forms.

Key benefits

  • Poor in chloride, for highest compatibility and best efficiency
  • Formulations suitable for withdrawal for demand-oriented fertilization
  • High P solubility for optimum P availability
  • More magnesium and additional iron for green crops
  • Perfect granulometry (90 % granules within 2-4 mm) for even application
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