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FarmHub®: our new and digital consulting platform

FarmHub® is the new digital consulting tool for turf, nursery & ornamentals and other plants – a platform where greenkeepers, landscapers, farmers and distributors come together to get the optimal treatment for their crops.

Smart farming with FarmHub® - benefit from your digital opportunities!

May we help you with your crop cultivation? With FarmHub®, you can easily create digital fertilization and application plans. Our expert advisors and your personal retailer will assist you on demand. You'll receive recommendations, strategies and seasonal plans for fertilizers and other applications for the upcoming or current season. Based on crop nutrient needs, soil conditions and analysis.

This opens completely new possibilities for supplying your crops with nutrients. And it gives you the flexibility to respond to changing conditions throughout the season. Thanks to the centrally stored historical data, you can monitor and compare the nutrient supply of all your fields, which helps you optimize your growth.

This and more is made possible by FarmHub® – our first smart farming tool for users and retailers.

Advantages and features at a glance

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Always available fertilizer plans and applications

FarmHub®'s digital platform bundles all relevant data in one application. All you need to access the data from anywhere in the world: a smartphone or web browser and internet access. The data is always up-to-date, and FarmHub® enables direct digital collaboration between advisors, growers and retailers via the platform. This takes the quality of advice to the next level.

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Detailed nutrient records for each area

Spending hours on calculating nutrient records for each year is a thing of the past. FarmHub® automatically creates nutrient records and scores for every area. This includes the cultivation and fertilization record, as well as soil analysis and crop data. In addition, users and consultants can see the development of the nutrient-level of the areas over the course of several years. In this way, the progress of the crops and the soil becomes visible.

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Convenient reviews and area-accurate data

In FarmHub® you can create as many greens and areas as you want. You can view data in tabular view or in a calendar view. This brings maximum transparency and in makes planning much easier. Individual products and applications can be added using drag-and-drop. Diagrams show the effects on the nutrient vector for the crop. Also convenient: The reminder function ensures that you never miss an application.

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Access to all soil analysis data

In FarmHub®, growers, consultants and dealers can easily import and evaluate soil analysis data from the laboratory. This data can be exported along with application recommendations and a product summary.

As an additional feature, users can easily source their recommended products by sharing the data directly with a dealer or distributor, who then can create suitable offers in no time.

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Interactive collaboration between users, distributors and our consultants

FarmHub® is designed to be a transparent consulting and collaboration tool. It promotes communication and collaboration between COMPO EXPERT, the users and distributors. This means that you have access to the knowledge of our consultants at any time. True to the motto: Knowledge grows when you share it!

Speaking of sharing: You can also send a wide variety of media – such as photos of pests, videos, PDF, office documents and much more – directly via FarmHub®.

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The Future of FarmHub®

In its first version, we’ve focused FarmHub® on the collaboration between consultants and greenkeepers. However, we are already working on additional crops and markets. Other planned features to further improve digital collaboration between users, distributors and COMPO EXPERT include:

  • Integration of all crops and markets
  • Remote sensing for intelligent data collection
  • Integration of weather and satellite data
  • Real-time soil analysis
  • Appointment requests & seminar bookings

You have questions or want to get started with FarmHub® immediately?

Either contact your local sales consultant on FarmHub® or fill out our form and one of our experts will get in touch with you:

Data security is key for us

Your data is in good hands with us. In FarmHub® you decide with whom you share your information. Only our consultants can access your data, which can be further limited to exactly one advisor assigned to you. Other users won’t have access.
You can also share pieces of information with a distributor you trust – but whether you choose to do so is, up to you.
COMPO EXPERT will not share your data with third parties without your consent.

More information about our data privacy policy:

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