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Optimal nutrient supply for a higher yield performance and a higher oil content

Basic Information

The Sunflower is a temperate and subtropical annual oilseed. The plant is naturally resistant to drought. Hybrid breeding increased diseases tolerance as well as yield potential and facilitates the crop management. Sunflower is grown mainly for the fatty acids (food oil). The sunflower has the following location requirements:

  • Soils that warm up easily, as a high temperature is required for germination
  • Long vegetation period (about 150 frost-free days),
  • High temperature during the growing season
  • Sufficient water supply at the time of flowering
  • Persistent dry weather at the beginning of ripening

Crop Stage Program
Important instructions for use: If several products are mixed while using our product, unforeseen reciprocal effects may occur. It is not possible to foresee all conditions that can occur in practice (e.g. temperature, kind of water, crop protection agents). Therefore, it is highly recommended to test the compatibility and the application of the intended products on a small scale first. We disclaim any responsibilities for damages which may ensue from interactions based on mixtures – especially – with other products, crop protection agents, plant protection products or fertilizers and/or from unusual conditions (temperature, kind of water, etc.). In case of doubt and for information on application data please get in touch with your local supplier, visit our website: or get in touch by e-mail:

Detailed Description

Fertilization with phosphate and potassium should be based on nutrient uptake and the nutrient supply in the soil. Sunflowers are sensitive to chloride. Potassium fertilizers containing chloride are best applied during fall on medium to heavy soils; immediately after sowing sulfate forms are preferable (e.g. on light soils). A sufficient magnesium supply is needed on underserved sites with fertilizers containing magnesium. Care must also be taken to ensure a sufficient supply of boron. COMPO EXPERT offers a specific fertilization program.

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