In 2016 COMPO EXPERT launched a completely new range of slow-release fertilizers (SRF`s) along with the investment into a state-of-the-art production and storage unit.

The new portfolio will offer solutions for every SRF segment.

Starting from Floranid®Twin, which will be the new brand for COMPO EXPERT`s unique best quality top lines especially designed for high maintenance turf such as golf courses, soccer pitches, bowling greens and other segments where the highest quality is needed. In this range you can find all the well-known Floranid® formulas, just with improved slow release nitrogen characteristics. Additionally to the well known ISODUR® we also added CROTODUR® for a better long term effect and more efficacy under all weather and soil conditions. Besides the new combination of slow release nitrogen forms, we also adapted the trace element contents to modern turf fertilization programs.

To offer a more economical range we introduced the Floranid®Eco portfolio. The Floranid®Eco line guarantees high quality products containing ISODUR®, CROTODUR® and Methylene-Urea in one product and granule.

For the first time COMPO EXPERT offers, besides the well-known Floranid® line, which is based of Methylen-Urea. For this purpose, the complete range of Enforce® will meet all agronomic and economic expectations where a slow-release product with Magnesium and a  set of trace elements is needed.

As the first step into the world of slow-release nutrition Enforce®Eco will be the best choice for everybody who looks for a perfect fertilizer with minimum portion of an extra long term effect.

Another improvement regarding our new technology is, besides the chemical properties, the physical characteristics of our new slow release fertilizers.
Due to the modern state of the art production process COMPO EXPERT's SRF granules are:

  • more round and uniform
  • more solid
  • better solubility

All this leads to less dust formation and to much lower tendency to caking together with excellent spreading properties and last but not least simply to a better product for the user and the plant.