Floranid® Twin

The Twin effect - for maxium nutrient efficiency


The slow-release fertilizers in the Floranid® Twin range are comprized of a unique combination of two highly efficient and well-proven nitrogen compounds, ISODUR® and CROTODUR®. This double N technology ensures a long-lasting and reliable supply of nitrogen at the highest possible utilization rate and guarantees optimal plant growth for the successful implementation of ambitious planting and care plans. The range is subdivided into granules of the finest quality (sports turf) for standard spreading applications and minigranules for a particularly fine distribution of the fertilizer grains on deep-cut turfs, such as golf greens. These products bear the additional designation “Eagle”. Depending on the specific requirement and objective, the Floranid® Twin products are available in various nutritional formulations and granulations: nitrogen-emphasized formulas for the spring time, potassium-dominant formulas for summer and autumn applications as well as balanced nutrient supplies.


  • Maximum nutrient efficiency (acitivity index: 98 %)
  • Reliable slow-release action
  • Excellent spreading properties
  • Homogeneous distribution of nutrients
  • Improved phosphate and magnesium absorption
  • Comprehensive range of trace elements
  • Even, steady growth
  • Optimum performance, even at low temperatures
  • Root support
  • Stimulates microbial soil activity
  • Highly resistant to leaching
  • Low salt index
  • Supports disease and stress tolerance
 Floranid® Twin - With Double N Technology
Floranid Twin Turf
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