NPK Gold®

The balanced complex NPK fertilizers improve production quality and yields


NPK Original Gold® is a balanced complex NPK fertilizer containing ready-to-use nitrogen and slow-release nitrogen (ISODUR®).
Each granule of NPK Original Gold® contains all the nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium and trace elements. The high-efficiency ISODUR® nitrogen is gradually released over time, so it perfectly corresponds with the needs of the crops by limiting losses to the environment.
NPK Original Gold® is particularly suitable for fertilization: spring, post harvest, young implants, mulch crops, horticultural crops, floricultural crops.


  • ISODUR®, nitrogen with the lowest salinity index
  • Supports fruit development until ripening
  • Improves production quality and yields
  • Improves the vegetative-productive balance
  • Reduces nitrogen losses
  • Greater accumulation of nutrient reserves in the plant
  • Root support
  • Each granule contains all nutrients
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