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Basic Information

Mangos are grown in tropical and subtropical countries. The taproot needs deep soils and a warm and humid climate, with more than 25 °C and regular rain. Mango trees are fast-growing and bear fruit only after a few years. The trees can live for over 100 years. Growers can choose from more than 1500 varieties worldwide, which differ in size, appearance and taste.

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Crop Stage Program

Important instructions for use: If several products are mixed while using our product, unforeseen reciprocal effects may occur. It is not possible to foresee all conditions that can occur in practice (e.g. temperature, kind of water, crop protection agents). Therefore, it is highly recommended to test the compatibility and the application of the intended products on a small scale first. We disclaim any responsibilities for damages which may ensue from interactions based on mixtures – especially – with other products, crop protection agents, plant protection products or fertilizers and/or from unusual conditions (temperature, kind of water, etc.). In case of doubt and for information on application data please get in touch with your local supplier, visit our website: or get in touch by e-mail:

Detailed Description

In order to achieve good yields, it is crucial to target the fertilization so that it takes into account the soil's nutrient supply and the specific needs of the crop. Mango cultivation is highly demanding of nitrogen in a stable form, phosphorus in an available form, and excellent quality potassium to achieve the goals of a good harvest and better shelf life. Also, the requirements of calcium and microelements in the flowering stage are high to ensure a greater and better mooring.

For granular application products from the Blaukorn® and NovaTec® line are recommended for foliar application Basfoliar® and Fetrilon® Combi 2. During shoot growth and flowering the biostimulant Basfoliar® Kelp SL could be used.