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Oil palm

A balanced fertilization program for the oil palm is essential to obtain a high yield of good quality

Basic Information

Oil palm grow in lowlands of the humid tropics, with evenly distributed rainfall of 1800-5000 mm/year. The oil palm is adapted to a wide range of soils and to a low pH, but it is sensitive to a high pH (above 7,5) and to stagnant water. The oil palm is a perennial plant with a generic life of over 200 years, its economic life lasts 20-25 years. The nursery stage may take 11-16 months, while the first harvest may start 32-38 months after planting, and the peak yield is usually recorded between 5-10 years from planting. The harvested part is the fruit (fruit bunch).

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Crop Stage Program

Important instructions for use: If several products are mixed while using our product, unforeseen reciprocal effects may occur. It is not possible to foresee all conditions that can occur in practice (e.g. temperature, kind of water, crop protection agents). Therefore, it is highly recommended to test the compatibility and the application of the intended products on a small scale first. We disclaim any responsibilities for damages which may ensue from interactions based on mixtures – especially – with other products, crop protection agents, plant protection products or fertilizers and/or from unusual conditions (temperature, kind of water, etc.). In case of doubt and for information on application data please get in touch with your local supplier, visit our website: www.compo-expert.com or get in touch by e-mail: info@compo-expert.com.

Detailed Description

Healthy, well selected seedlings are a pre-condition for early and sustained high yield. In most cases granular multi-nutrient compound fertilizers (NPK Mg + micronutrients) are the preferred nutrient source for seedlings in the nursery. For oil palms that are already planted in the field, N rates range from 1,5 kg-8 kg/palm of ammonium sulphate (AS) or its equivalent, depending on the yield potential, which is affected primarily by the total rainfall and its distribution as well as the intensity of solar radiation.To maintain a good fertilizer response and high yields in older palms, (selective) thinning is often necessary where interpalm competition has become a problem as a result of initial high density planting in combination with a high fertility regime and good rainfall.

COMPO EXPERT offers a controlled release fertilizer (CRF) line, branded as Basacote® and Flexicote® that can consistently release the macro- and micronutrients for healthy growth of oil palm seedlings in the nursery. Additional foliar application of micronutrients from the Fetrilon® Combi line, and biostimulants line (such as Basfoliar® Avant Natur SL and Basfoliar® Kelp SL) may help in boosting the growth of oil palm seedlings. On the other hand, for mature oil palms COMPO EXPERT offers stabilized-ammonium (NovaTec® with DMPP technology) to minimize the nitrous gases emission, reducing N-leaching and thus improving N-efficiency in oil palm plantation.