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A balanced fertilization program for tea is essential to obtain a high yield of good quality and good storage properties

Basic Information

Tea is basically a rainfed crop cultivated commercially in humid zones of tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions with alternating wet and dry periods, at altitudes from sea level up to 2300 meters, on well-drained soils preferably with a pH of 4,5- 5,0, although, in practice the pH ranges from 3,0-6,5.
Tea is grown under shade (most commonly grevillea, silver oak and albizzia) which allows 60-70 % penetration of sunlight. This reduces radiation damage at latitudes further from the equator, creates a favorable micro-climate during dry months and maintains a much lower leaf temperature in summer, particularly in low latitudes.

Crop Stage Program

Important instructions for use: If several products are mixed while using our product, unforeseen reciprocal effects may occur. It is not possible to foresee all conditions that can occur in practice (e.g. temperature, kind of water, crop protection agents). Therefore, it is highly recommended to test the compatibility and the application of the intended products on a small scale first. We disclaim any responsibilities for damages which may ensue from interactions based on mixtures – especially – with other products, crop protection agents, plant protection products or fertilizers and/or from unusual conditions (temperature, kind of water, etc.). In case of doubt and for information on application data please get in touch with your local supplier, visit our website: www.compo-expert.com or get in touch by e-mail: info@compo-expert.com.

Detailed Description

The plants are trained into bushes by centering and plucking, and are harvested from the second year onwards at regular intervals of 7-20 days in the tropics and sub-tropics and at much longer intervals in temperate zones. The day length required for vegetative growth is 11h 15 min. In many tea-growing regions tea has an economic life of around 40-60 years.

For granular fertilization we recommend NovaTec® Suprem. Foliar application are possible with Basfoliar® liquid fertilizers. As biostimulants Basfoliar® Kelp SL and Basfoliar® Avant Natur SL are recommended.

Tea production