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Vital growth, optimal root development and increased stress tolerance

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Trees and urban plantings are important to improve the microclimate in cities. Trees produce oxygen, adsorb dust and pollution, reduce noise, increase humidity and cool down the temperature via evaporation. New research is also confirming that green areas make you feel good. Hence, trees and public green enhance the quality of life in cities. To obtain the climate improving benefits of green areas, an optimal quality, health and functionality of the plants is needed. Urban conditions are often not suitable for plants. A good soil preparation and a long lasting nutrient supply during the planting are of great importance, particularly for new and young plantings. To stabilize growth and quality additional granulated or liquid fertilizer applications are recommended.

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Urban environments are often not optimal for trees. Abiotic stress factors can have negative impacts on growth, health and quality of the plants. To guarantee a good start and further development, careful planting is of great importance. To avoid soil compaction and to provide a good pore volume, mineral substrates with poor biological and nutritional value are usually used. The soil enhancers Agrosil® LR and Agrosil® Algin reduce stress; improve root development, microbial soil activity and the cation exchange capacity. To support a good start growth as well as a long lasting development, slow-release fertilizers are well suited for tree fertilization. Floranid® Twin Baumkraft and Floranid® Twin Permanent are well proven in practice as they contain the highly effective ISODUR® and CROTODUR® nitrogen, whose coating reduces the risk of leaching, plus amounts of tree friendly potassium and magnesium. Floranid® Twin Baumkraft is also coated with Bacillus subtilis, selection E4-CDX® to promote root development, nutrient availability and drought and disease resistance. In combination with irrigation and the treegator technique, liquid applications with e.g. Baumkraft® Fluid or Vitanica® RZ are also common. To avoid run off situations on the dry city soils and to optimize the usage of the nutrients, it is recommended to ad Kick® wetting agent concentrate.

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